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Breakthrough Discovery: Healthy Eating

September 21, 2012
Maple Tree Bark

Possibly the most healthy food

Surprisingly, according to a new discovery from the National Institute For Health Research and Investigative Response, the most healthy thing you can eat is handful of tree bark. It’s not just any tree bark though. It has been proven that Maple tree bark has the most health benefits. Overflowing with nutritional good, it has been gaining a huge amount of research as to how to incorporate it into a diet tastefully.

The most common way of preparing it for use is to shred/grind it into a fine powder. This provides numerous ways of including it in food, albeit not without unwanted flavor. The other option is just to bite a chunk off, and chew it. While this is not harmful, it sure has it’s drawbacks.

Hopefully we’ll see multiple┬árecipes┬áthat include tree bark, but in a tasteful way.

This is Mike with the Wrong Report.

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