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4 Year Old Writes Book on Economical Issues

September 24, 2012
Economy: So That You Can Understand

Lincoln’s New Book

Lincoln James, the remarkably bright young lad and author of this book, is a modern day genius. The 400 page volume has verbiage that would put any PhD or Lawyer to shame. And the genius part of it is, you don’t have to be either to understand it.

Lincoln presents basic concepts and misconceptions about major economic positions, and offers a clear cut outline of how to make any nation successful.

His parents, Larry and Tracy, have expressed their deep pride for their son. His father put it this way, “He is such a brilliant boy. It wouldn’t surprise me if his name becomes as well known as Einstein.”

The book, titled Economy: So That You Can Understand, will be in bookstores the first week of October, and will be on Kindle and iBooks the following week.

This is Mike with the Wrong Report.

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