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New Study: Side Effects of Bedroom Fans

September 27, 2012
Electric Fan

Side Effects of using a Bedroom Fan

For many of us, a good nights sleep cannot be had without a bit of white noise. This is often, and most conveniently, provided by a fan. However, the Jacobs Institute has done a study, and found that there are side effects from having a bedroom fan that are not desirable.

One of the most prevalent side effects of having a fan in the sleeping quarters is the disdain for Monday’s. Of the people with a fan in their room, 92% reported that they dread Monday’s, whereas only 37% of those without fans reported sharing the sentiment. The scientific reason for this reality is unknown, but scientists believe that it has something to do with a subliminal interpretation of the motor hum while we are asleep.

Another side effect that is common to fanned sleepers is mild experience of the Jillune Effect. This manifests itself in the inability to remember the mundane. An example of this would be looking at one’s watch or cellphone to find out the time, then looking up having seen it. Once asked what the time is (within 3 seconds of them looking up) cannot repeat it, and have to look again. Other manifestations of this effect include forgetting the day of the week, where the keys are, etc.

This is Mike with the Wrong Report.

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